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​​​​Insurance Consulting Services 

Here are some examples of typical insurance consulting services that I can provide to clients.

  • Insurance Fraud Investigation

  • Residential and Commercial Inspections - Loss Control, 4 Point, Wind Mitigation, etc.

  • Catastrophic Adjuster - Hurricane, Tornado, Marine, Fleet

  • Loss Control: I assist clients with loss prevention activities and compliance with insurance company loss-control recommendations.

  • Risk Assessment, Management, Analysis: This includes a review of a firm’s entire operations and facilities to detect and identify major exposures to loss both catastrophic and minor, what exposures should be either insured or retained, and making sure that all entities are included in the insurance program.

  • Venture Capital Management:  I assist clients source funds.

  • Broker and Agent Selection: I help insurance companies recruit brokers, agencies and agents. 

  • Requests for Proposals: Create RFPs and review all insurance bids and specifications for coverage and determination of competitive pricing.

  • Sales Distribution:  I can expand a carriers sales distribution by increasing associates ia any state. 

  • Product Development:  I help develop (concept o completion) new insurance products.