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Home Watching  Services

What is a Home Watching Service?

A Home Watch service is designed to give you peace of mind while you are away from your home. ISNOA provides a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.  Your home is being inspected by professionals looking for potential problems. Most companies will design a checklist based on your individual needs and concerns. If a situation does arise, you will be notified so the problem can be dealt with in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Why do I need a Home Watching Service?

Many things can happen to your home in your absence: break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, mold, and decaying shingles/roof, peeling paint, etc.  Conversely, preventive measures such as storm preparation and proactive maintenance should prevent many situations from arising. Even if you have a trusted neighbor or relative nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf is a much better and more effective option.

What if I have a situation at my home?

ISNOA's experience and judgment will allow us to handle any situation with a calculated response.  WHY, because our home watching staff members are certified residential building inspectors.   If the situation is an emergency, it will be handled in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. In a non-emergency situation, you will be contacted to discuss the issues to determine and implement a course of action.

Is a Home Watch service a security service?

NO, however, having a visible presence in your empty home may act as a crime deterrent. 

Who needs to use a Home Watching Service?

A Home Watching Service is designed to bring you peace of mind when you are away from your property.  Whether it's a short business trip, one-week vacation, or an extended stay out of town, we are your eyes and ears for unexpected issues.  Instead of asking busy friends, reluctant relatives, or snoopy and unreliable neighbors, ISNOA can take away the worry of being out of town by watching your home for you.  ISNOA will check on your house and report back the findings to you.  Whether it's a primary residence, vacation house, or a second home our service monitors your home with frequency to help make sure your house will be found exactly as you left it.  Our goal is to provide dependable, safe, reliable, and honest service.  Our aim is to catch an issue right away and stop a small problem from turning into a major disaster.  

Coverage Area For All Programs:

  • Normal coverage area is Pinellas, Pasco,  and Hillsborough Counties
  • Outside Area Coverage is Available Upon Request

Exterior Program Coverage:

  • Walk Entire Perimeter of Property
  • Check for Lawn Flooding and Storm Damage
  • Look for Exterior Vandalism and Signs of Forced Entry
  • Make Sure Doors Locked and Windows Secured
  • Ensure Garage Door Closed
  • Forward Packages (as needed)
  • Remove Flyers and Debris In and Around Front Door
  • Replace Expired Exterior Light Bulbs (where reachable)
  • Run Water Hose Spigots and Check Valve Hoses for Leaks
  • Report Sent To Homeowner

Interior Program Coverage:

  • Walk Interior of Property
  • Check for Flooding and Storm Damage
  • Look for Interior Vandalism and Signs of Forced Entry
  • Check to See If All Utilities are on and Running.
  • Run Kitchen Sink , Bathroom Faucets, and Flush Toilets
  • Start Automobiles (If required)
  • Make Sure Refrigerator is Operating
  • Operate Air Conditioning and/or Heating Systems
  • Confirm Alarm System Remains Activated 
  • Replace Smoke Detector Batteries (If Needed)
  • Rotate Interior Staged Lighting and Replace Expired Light Bulbs
  • Open and Close Window Blinds and Drapes
  • Collect Newspapers and Delivery Items from Property
  • Report findings to Homeowner

  • Exterior Service ($50 per month and includes 3 visits to your home per month)
  • Interior Service ($50 per month and includes  3 visits to your home per month)
  • Both (Exterior and Interior Service - $75 per month)