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​​​​​​Loss Control Inspections - Residential, Commercial, Workers' Comp. , General Liability

ISNOA is your complete loss control provider servicing the insurance industry and the private sector.  We have completed thousands of loss control reports since we began operating in 1981.  We provide the following services:

  • Loss Control Inspections - Residential & Commercial
  • Workers' Compensation Loss Control Surveys 
  • General Liability Loss Control Surveys
  • Property Inspections
  • Fleet Loss Control Surveys
  • ​Hospitality & Restaurant Loss Control Surveys
  • Over 45,000 LC Surveys Completed​ Since 1981

ISNOA specializes in delivering service to support the client's underwriting process.

Residential Loss Control Survey Reports

ISNOA offers inspection services ranging from a basic exterior visits to a detailed high value dwelling evaluation.  Our reports can include cost valuations, diagrams, public data attributes, and of course, photos.  Many of our clients use Loss Control 360 and we enter data directly through their platform.  Depending on the client, we can also provide paper reports or can complete any forms provided in your system.

( Three Types of Reports Are Available For Residential )

1.  Exterior / Outside Survey Report

Our surveys focus on the outside of the residential property. 

We concentrate on the type of construction, type of roof and

the overall condition of the property.  Each report will include

exterior photos, showing each side's elevation, roof condition

and known hazards that are present when the report is completed. 

We will also provide pictures on pools, hot tubs , sheds and

outbuildings that could be an uncontrolled hazard.

2.  Interior Survey Report

Our surveys focus on the interior features of the insured property. 

This can include HVAC, HVAC Air Handler, Hot Water Tank, Electrical

Panel and Plumbing information.  We include photos of everything,

including the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms.   We can also

include photos of various living spaces (as required).

3.  Expensive / High Value Properties

The Expensive / High Value Property survey is available for any

property that is viewed as high value by the insurance company,

or one that is valued at $1 million dollars or higher in replacement

cost.  This inspection includes everything in the Interior and

Exterior Survey Reports, plus additional items that adds value

to the property.  We can also add additional photos of any room

or item required by the client.

​Commercial Loss Control Inspections

It is impossible to list every type of commercial survey reporting that is available.  ISNOA follows each insurance company or vendor's requirements when we investigate and complete a report for our clients.  Below are areas where we can help you provide the reports you are looking for.

1.  Property / Workers' Comp / General Liability 

Property surveys make up the majority of all insurance inspections.

At the heart of all property inspections is the documentation of

COPE information. COPE stands for Construction, Occupancy,

Protection and Exposure.  We question to follow the elements

of COPE so nothing gets missed and everything falls in a logical

order for the inspector or underwriter.  In addition, surveys

can  include replacement cost, actual cash value, or functional value

estimates . 

2.  Restaurant / Grill and Bar Liability

Restaurants encompass everything from the smallest of fast food

joints to the largest of themed restaurants with entertainment. 

The majority of surveys on restaurants are focused upon Property

and General Liability.  It is also not uncommon for restaurants to

appear in ground floor of apartments above and other retail

operations that are adjacent.  These surveys involves the evaluation

of the commercial cook line; followed by safe handling of food intended

for consumption and slip/trip/fall hazards.  Relevant data on the

kitchen, Including maintenance and inspections on fire extinguisher,

hoods/exhausts  and electrical/gas services. The food handling and

storage of dry and refrigerated goods are also inspected, as well as

public areas.

3.  Fleet Inspections

Inspections are generally intended primarily for company owned

vehicles and lighter commercial delivery operations.  We have

inspectors who are experienced in trucking operations, and can

cover an operator with two trucks to a long-haul fleet trucking

company with hundreds of units. Together with a thorough

inspection template customized to your underwriting needs,

we can deliver a concise report within a 30-day completion span.

4.  Hospitality - Motel / Hotel / Bed & Breakfast

​Hospitality surveys focus on exposures involving short term or

even overnight stays by people not familiar with the property.

These risks can have restaurant exposures, higher security

concerns, commercial laundry facilities, daily cleaning activities,

possible infestation issues, increased common areas and sometimes

different neighborhood exposures.