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​​​​Healthcare Consulting Services 

Since 1981, I have worked with various hospital, healthcare and

emergency room staffing companies.  My services have been used

by the following organizations:

Emergency Room Management: Physician Recruitment, RFP Development, Contract Management, Billing Services

  • 83 Hospitals
  • 16 Free-Standing Emergency Centers - (Project Management Oversite-  Concept to Completion)

Hospitalist Management: Physician Recruitment, RFP Development, Contract Management, Billing Services

  • 148 Hospitals

Physician Recruitment - Primary Care Providers

  • 653 Medical Providers

Long Term Care Facility Development

  • 123 Long Term Care Facilities

Ancillary Service Development

  • 64 Surgical and Radiology Centers

Urgent Care Development

  • 43 Urgent Care Centers (Project Management Oversite, Concept to Completion)

Physician Hospital Organization Development

  • 171 Physician Hospital Organizations (PHO)

Laboratory Network Development

  • ​18 Hospitals with 6 Independent Labs

Pediatric Home Nursing Services

  • 4 States

Healing Arts Program (I am a professional artist -

  • 62 Medical Facilities
  • 316 Medical Offices