​​​​Healthcare Consulting Services 

Since 1981, I have worked with various hospital, healthcare and

emergency room staffing companies.  My services have been used

by the following organizations:

270 Hospitals - Emergency Rooms
16 Free-Standing Emergency Centers
148 Hospitals - Hospitalist Consulting
123 Long Term Care Facilities
64 Surgical and Radiology Centers
43 Urgent Care Centers
81 Physician Hospital Organizations (PHO)

After years of consulting with these organizations, I believe that we have a cost effective way to provide emergency medicine services for any size facility, including Critical Access and Rural Hospitals.  We accomplish this by restructuring the emergency room operation, taking control of the professional billing function, streamlining recruiting and credentialing, providing global scheduling (when required) and reducing the numerous layers of provider oversight, resulting in drastic cost reductions without sacrificing quality.

​ISNOA wants to be your emergency room consultant.  Let us show you how you can reduce your costs, while maintaining quality and service to your community.  Whether you are a facility with 100,000 patient visits a year or one that only serves 3,000 patients, we are very confident that we can lower your cost, streamline your operation, and retain quality providers.

Overall, ISNOA can provide you with the following services:

Emergency Room Staffing & Operations

Here is short version of a full service emergency room consulting project, in 5 easy steps: 

1.  ISNOA has a discussion,  with hospital administrators, to find out how your emergency room

service is performing.

2.  ISNOA provides the hospital with an emergency room data sheet for you to complete. 

It contains patient mix information and chart data.

3.  ISNOA analyzes the data sheet to determine an actual chart per visit reimbursement amount, 

so we understand how you are billing and what we can do to improve the reimbursement levels.

4.  ISNOA will analyze your physician and mid-level staffing model to see if you are meeting expectations.

5.  ISNOA provides you with solutions on how to improve and reduce your emergency room cost. 

Emergency Room Consulting Services

1.  Provider Recruitment / Staffing
2.  Professional Fee Billing
3.  Scheduling
4.  Credentialing
5.  Customer Service
6.  RFP Development and Process Management
7.  Revenue Cycle Management

Hospitalist and Inpatient Consulting Services

1.  Provider Recruitment / Staffing
2.  Professional Fee Billing
3.  RFP Development and Process Management
4.  Revenue Cycle Management

Provider Recruitment Consulting Services

1.  Permanent - Full Cycle Recruitment and Placement for Physicians and Mid-level Providers
2.  Locum Tenens Services 

Facility Development and Operation Consulting Services

1.  Free-Standing Emergency Medicine Facility/Center (We have experience developing, constructing and managing the entire process from concept to completion.)
2.  Micro-Hospital  (We have developed and constructed two facilities.) 
3.  Urgent Care Centers (We have participated in the development, construction and management of 43 centers.)

Healthcare Real Estate Consulting Services

We assist hospitals and doctors in accomplishing  expansions, relocations, and developments. Our partner has a team of experts ready to serve you. 

Event Booth  / Conference Representation

ISNOA will represent your firm at any conference or event throughout North America.  We will setup, work the booth, and provide the services requested.

Financial and Insurance Services

ISNOA offers the following insurance services for our clients and medical providers

​1.  Stock Loan Program (Publicly traded stocks as collateral for a loan - Max loan amount is $500 million)
2.  Disability Insurance
3.  Life Insurance
​4.  Health Insurance
5.  Worksite Programs
6.  Annuity and investment programs
7.  Malpractice Insurance
​8.  Commercial Insurance 
9.  Auto and Home Insurance

Mergers and Acquisitions

ISNOA has clients looking to purchase Free-Standing Emergency Centers, Micro-Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers

​Healing Arts Program

Art is an integral part of recovery and quality of life for many healthcare patients. This is why it is so important to work with expert healthcare art consultants when selecting art for your healthcare facility.  The founder of ISNOA has been providing this service since 1978 and has installed thousands of paintings and sculptures throughout the country.​

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