LifeScape® Single Premium Whole Life (SPWL) Insurance from Assurity provides the financial security you and your family need with the convenience of a onetime premium payment.  This affordable, permanent insurance policy is ideal for individual and estate planning needs. It’s an attractive  alternative for mature clients who wish to convert an existing taxable asset and gain the benefits of lifetime coverage, combined with significant policy values and tax deferred growth.

​Check out these advantages:

  • Simplicity of a single, lump-sum premium
  • Policy is paid-up immediately
  • Tax-deferred accumulation of cash values
  • Potential for long-term financial growth
  • Income tax-free death benefit for beneficiaries
  • Availability of cash values through policy loans and dividend withdrawals

Issue Age

  •  0 through 80, age last birthday

Issue Classes

  • • Male/female, non-tobacco/tobacco
  • • Ages 0 through 54 – minimum $10,000
  • • Ages 55 through 80 – minimum $5,000


  • Single premium

Policy Loans

  • Available when policy has loan value (cash value less any policy debt); variable loan interest paid in advance

Dividend Options

  • Paid in cash annually, Buy paid-up additions, Reduce loan with excess to buy paid-up additions

Accelerated Death Benefit    

  • Available for terminal illness, long-term care or home care


  • Is required, software available

Optional Riders (additional premium)

  • Single Premium Rider – a paid-up insurance purchase option rider

Policy Fee

  • $75


​                                                   Your Legacy Single Premium Whole LIFE

Product Type

  • Participating Whole Life

Premium Period

  • Single Pay

Underwriting Classification (Non-Medical)

  • Juvenile (issue ages 0-15)
  • Non-Tobacco (issue ages 16-85)
  • Tobacco (issue ages 16-85)
  • Substandard (issue ages 16-80)


  • Can be taken if the certificate is in effect and has a positive cash surrender values. Interest is charged daily at current Foresters US variable loan rates. Death benefit payable is net of the outstanding certificate loan amount(s) (including accrued interest).

Loan Rate

  • Variable

Dividend Options

  • Paid-up Additions (PUA)
  • On deposit with interest
  • Paid in cash


  • Required for certificate issue

Issue Ages (age nearest birthday)

  • 0-85 (non-medical)

Minimum Premium

  • Issue Age 0 - 15: $1,500
  • Issue Age 16 - 29: $5,000
  • Issue Age 30 - 85: $10,000

Maximum Premium

  • $500,000 (subject to maximum net amount at risk)

Maximum Net Amount at Risk

  • Issue Age 0 - 15: $150,000
  • Issue Age 16 - 55: $250,000
  • Issue Age 56 - 75: $175,000
  • Issue Age 76 - 85: $150,000

Minimum/ Maximum Face Amounts

  • The minimum face amount is the amount that the minimum single premium will purchase based on issue age, gender, underwriting classification, and rating (if applicable). The maximum face amount is the initial face amount less the single premium, subject to the maximum net amount at risk (per the chart above).

Built-in Benefits (at no additional premium)

  • Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider can provide an additional death benefit if the insured dies of accidental injuries that occurred while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier, such as a bus or a train.
  • Family Health Benefit Rider can pay a benefit that can be used to pay some family health expenses that may ​occur as a result of some natural disasters.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider provides an option to accelerate a portion of the eligible death benefit and receive a payment. Subject to eligibility criteria and state variations, this rider can be issued with one or more of the eligible illnesses - Critical Illness, Chronic Illness or Terminal Illness.

Single Premium Life Insurance Products​:

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