Guaranteed Issue Whole Life 1 is life insurance at its simplest – no health questions, no medical exams, no complicated forms to fill out.

  • You can’t be turned down.
  • Your premiums never go up.
  • Your coverage is guaranteed.
  • Features And Benefits

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life 1 is a graded benefit life insurance product, offering permanent coverage to age 100.  During the first three policy years, the benefit for death by natural causes is a refund of all premiums paid to date plus interest. Beginning day one of policy year four, the full death benefit is payable.  For deaths due to accidental causes during the first three policy years, the full death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary.  Once your policy is issued, your premiums are guaranteed to remain level and guaranteed to never change. And, your policy cannot be cancelled as long as premiums are paid.


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